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LeaderShip Team

The Tri-City Staffing Service leadership is a cross functional team whose individual expertise is the foundation of the company. Although, a new and emerging company, the TSS leadership has more than thirty (30) years experience in Staffing and Human Resource, Fiscal Management, and Marketing and Branding.

Dhana Donaldson is a senior management professional with more than twenty (20) years of experience in executive and senior management in both the public and private sectors. Prior tenures included her serving in the roles of an executive director of two arts organizations, project director, consultant, development director, marketing and public relations director, and event planning and design. Ms. Donaldson is also versed in branding and capacity building of businesses.



Yvonne Brown is a management professional with more than fifteen years (15) of experience motivating and empowering people to improve their skills and position in life through education, training, and organization. She is an analytical thinker who streamlines processes and brings about operational efficiency. Ms. Brown has served as a Human Resource Director in which her responsibilities included managing recruitment and on boarding of potential employees; interviewing applicants and providing orientation sessions to all prospective employees, creating innovative solutions to recruit prospects and develop training initiatives for internal and external employees,



Bunitta Frierson serves as sales consultant for Tri-City Staffing. She works with the management team to secure potential clients and assist them in becoming TSS Employment Partners.




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